since 2019: my own business

„Dr. Gottfried Thomas – Homesitting / Housesitting“

In October 2019, I have registered my own business for the topic „Homesitting / Housesitting“. Therefore, I am available to interested parties for the following services:

        • Guarding apartments or houses,
        • with and without pets
        • with and without overnight stays
        • with and without garden maintenance
        • in case of short- or medium-term absence of the owner (from a few days to a maximum of 3 weeks)
        • with reasonable payment (by agreement).

Since I almost always lived in my own houses with a garden, I know most of the necessities for the clean maintenance and preservation of the property and the living facilities. As a skilled craftsperson, I can also do a lot of things that may arise. 10 to 20 years of living together with a dog and different cats have also allowed me to gain the necessary experience in dealing with pets, so that I can also take care of pets in connection with homesitting / housesitting.

As a sole proprietor, I have little additional costs, which is why the support costs for the owner remain relatively low. (Of course, travel expenses will be charged separately.)

Are you interested (to finally be able to go on your own vacation without worries)? Simply

call +49.162.668.40.71

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